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Long story short

One day I was sitting on a plane, just getting ready to take off, and on the runway I thought about my life. I thought about my basketball career, and just about all of the opportunities that I had:  to be able to come from Montross, Virginia, to be able to put on an NBA uniform, and to be able to live out my dream.

All it took was a chance, which is why I founded JAC, Just a Chance Foundation.  That foundation name means a lot to me, because so many people in the world, have so many gifts, and so many talents, that some times all they need is that one chance. With this foundation, we plan on trying to help kids get their opportunity, and get their chance, whether it’s sports, or education, to help guide them to fulfill their dreams.


Dreams begin with chances and exposure to opportunities that build the skills necessary for success.

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We are located in Fredericksburg, VA